Why Boys Should Sit Down to Pee

It may seem completely unnatural, and dads everywhere are sure to have huge problems with the idea (like Husband, who just walked by, saw this title, and said, “Are you kidding? Standing up to pee is cool … because we can.”), but consider this: it just makes more sense to teach boys to pee sitting down, and here’s why.

* Ready, aim, fire! NOT. Your average 2-3 year old boy is still lurching drunkenly into the bathroom when nature calls, if at all. Can we expect him to point the stream directly at the target, too? Uh … no.

* We know that consistency is key when teaching toddlers a new skill. If we expect them to learn to sit down to poop (not always a smooth transition), shouldn’t we keep it simple?

* Minimize temptation. Your little guy faces a lifetime of using that thing as a weapon. They don’t call ‘em pissing contests for nothing. Maybe we don’t have to start quite this early.

* Here’s a no-brainer: avoid the issue of the toilet seat up or down.

* No-brainer #2: clean up is a breeze. You can skip wiping down the tile and the walls.

* Got daughters (not to mention a fraternal twin sister)? It’s exhausting to keep explaining why he stands up, while she sits down. Consistency, again.

* Make it easier during that awkward period when he’s forced to join you in the public ladies’ room, but is old enough to be embarrassed by it.

* Ever wonder why virtually all males of the species seem compelled to touch, rearrange, and grab their package at regular intervals all day long? Maybe it’s because we encourage them to hold it every few hours during toilet training.

* It’s soooo evolved. Your future daughter-in-law will love you for it.

* Level the playing field — for awhile, anyway. He’ll learn soon enough the art of point and click. Create good habits while you can.

And if Dad complains or makes lame comments about how “girly” it is, invite him to clean up after himself and Junior, both.

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Ellen and Rachel are two old friends and “expert” mamas—one a pediatrician and one a family therapist—with fifty years of parenting experience between them.

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7 responses to “Why Boys Should Sit Down to Pee”

  1. Daniel Berg

    I think this comic sums it up better, and in only a few words.


    You can emasculate your boys all you want, and you’re even doing me a favor; my two sons will have lesser real competition in the real world from real men.

  2. Rachel Zahn

    Really, Daniel? Really?

  3. Hazel M. Wheeler

    You know, Daniel, Rachel’s on to something.

    Aside from not having to spend lots of money replacing the floor around the toilet due to poor aim and ‘splash-out’ (and I’ve known some families who have had to pay out for this to the tune of hundreds of dollars), the sitting down method is preferable for children just starting to use a toilet. I’ve helped potty train children for 20 years; two and three year olds have terrible aim. Even some grown men have poor aim, if the floor of the pub restroom is any indication. (The toilet is a stationary 12″ oval, guys, it doesn’t *move* when you are using it, so why the mess?) As a nanny and mom, I do not delight in cleaning off the toilet and floor multiple times a day so someone can prove their masculinity. Dads who insist that their boys stand to pee need to seriously get over themselves, pick up the Lysol wipes and get to work.

  4. Ellen Schrier

    Here, here!

  5. A guy

    Hazel, you have no idea what you are talking about. Its not a laser we are dealing with here. A guy could ‘line up’ for a good minute, and it may end up going at a 30 degree angle to where you expect it to. Or there is the problem of it occasionally coming out in two or more streams. And try peeing after ‘being excited’, now THAT is a feat. 5% of the time, a guy may be able to get it all in the oval.

  6. Obama Just Doesn’t Get It :: Stolinsky.com | Conservative political and social commentary

    [...] is limited to the Navy, recall that there is a “modern” school of child-rearing that favors teaching boys to urinate sitting down. One guru opines, “It’s soooo evolved. Your future daughter-in-law will love you for it.” But [...]

  7. Marc

    I myself sit down to pee. Biggest reason is to avoid clean ups and the stench of pee. For those girls out there that think we’re to stupid to aim properly, let me explain. Ever noticed the patterns on your face after it’s been laying in a pillow for too long? Well, given that a penis is also made of skin, it can have the same kind of patterns after it’s been in the pants. So there is no knowing exactly where the stream goes because these patterns in the skin affect the stream.

    Even if you did manage aiming dead center, there is still water and pee splashing up and out of the bowl.

    99% of the time I sit down to pee, I’m at home. When you’re out and about you’re using urinals instead. So, no reason to feel like a sissy.

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